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Cardmaster Adventure Design Deck (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Game) - Rich Borg

The hardest part of being a Dungeon Master, aside from the chronic virginity and constant wedgies, was finding the time to develop an adventure. This boxed set seemed like a foolproof way to speed things up. Was it?

It was not foolproof. In fact, the fool was me.

On the surface, it looks great. There were cards for monsters, treasure, NPCs, and dungeon rooms. Theoretically, an adventure could be cobbled together in minutes from these parts and the bloodletting/nerd-sweating could begin.

Here comes the big "however." The cards are simplified version of things in the Dungeon Master's Guide, Player's Handbook, and Monstrous Manual, meaning that you either had to use the stripped down system that came in the boxed or you still need to retool things with those weighty tomes before you could start playing.

I guess it was probably meant as an introductory set and not for hardcore players. It was useful the one time I decided I needed a dungeon that shifted around as players were in it but that was mostly so I could get some use out of the cards.

On the plus side, it did come with another set of dice.