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NaNoWriMo Report - Day 10

The NaNoWriMo train continues to plow forward.  I'm at 21,334 words and still feeling pretty good about things.  I had a great idea for a complication on the way home and now I have no doubt the book will go the distance.


Is Cornelius a good name for someone's pet ferret?


“Saw your car outside, Jack, and thought I'd check in. This is my partner, Terry Oswald. Everyone calls him Oz. He just transferred from Kansas City.”

“Good to meet you, Oz,” Otis said. “I'm Otis Reed and I'm sure you've heard all about Jack already.”

“I have,” Oz said. Oz looked at me like a pubic hair he found in a burrito. I just knew we were going to be best buds.