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NaNoWriMo Report - Day 13

Some days, the writing is like water out of a hose. Other days, it's like chipping ice of a glacier and melting it over the burning carcass of a mammoth just to get enough to drink.  Today was the second kind.


I'm at 28128 words.  In NaNoWriMos past, I usually had a minor freak out sometime in the day 10-12 time frame.  I felt the beginnings of one today on the way home from work.  It went something like "This is fun but wouldn't you rather be taking a stab at writing a horror novel? Are you sure this one is going to be novel length when you're done with it? What if it craps out around 60,000 words."


The advantage of having done NaNoWriMo so many times in the past is that I can even predict when the freak outs are going to occur.  This makes them easier to move past.


Now if you'll all excuse me, I have some DVRed TV I need to watch.