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NaNoWriMo Report - Day 18

I just finished the evening's writing at 41,338 words.  It was easier than last night and I feel like things are going to start taking off in the next couple days.  I still have three characters I need to introduce but some serious shit is coming up.


On the minus side of things, I thought I'd requested off tomorrow and it turns out I didn't.  I guess i"ll be working with the rest of the suckers.



I climbed into Edgar's truck. Judging by the stereo and the instrument panel, it was at least as old as my Cavalier, only a lot cleaner. I had a feeling Edgar was from the old school, that he thought a man's vehicle was an extension of himself and should be treated as such. The school I was from said that my car was a mobile trashcan that I listened to music in.