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NaNoWriMo Report - Day 20

Last night, I spent about a half an hour coming up with a timeline for what I thought I had left in The Nature of the Beast.  As soon as l looked at it this morning at work, I noticed two things I forgot.  On top of that, I remembered I needed some kind of confrontation with Detective Oswald close to the end or it would look like I forgot about him.  Which I did.


On the plus side, I'm at 43,500 words and still feeling pretty good about things.


A deformed snowman, hunchbacked and covered with I guessed were tumors. marked the front lawn when I got home. Jerry's old fishing hat, still covered with lures and hooks, was perched atop its head and a cane pole leaned against one of his tree branch arms. Around his neck was a long purple and white scarf a client had given me for Christmas that I re-gifted to Jerry a couple days later. The snowman made me smile but I also felt guilty and more than a little lonely.