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NaNoWriMo Report - Day 23 - part 2

Just passed 50k.  I am now a five time NaNoWriMo winner.  I'd celebrate if I didn't know I still had 20k to go.  However, there will be a mini-celebration in the form of eating dinner in front of the television and doing some reading afterwords.


Claudette's Oldsmobile was still in the driveway but the house was dark. Somehow, I pegged her as the type that stayed in bed until ten after getting her husband and kids out of the house. Armed with a thermos full of coffee, a paperback copy of The Gunslinger, and an empty milk jug to pee in, I watched and waited.

Cars entered and left the neighborhood but nothing stirred inside the house. I relieved myself in the jug once and hoped I wouldn't have to again. Peeing into a milk jug in the car without spillage is harder than it looks. The Gunslinger had just begun his tale of what happened in the town of Tull when a light came on in one of the second floor bedrooms.