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Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt

Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt - J.M. DeMatteis, Mike Zeck Kraven the Hunter, aware that he's getting too old for this shit, decides to go out with a bang. He drugs Spider-Man, beats the shit out of him, and buries him alive. Kraven, dressed as Spidey, goes on a rampage to prove he's better than Spider-Man, until Spider-Man digs his way out of the grave...

The great thing about Marvel Unlimited is that you can finally catch up on some of the epic stories you missed when you were a kid. This one was pretty bad ass.

In some ways, Kraven's Last Hunt is the precursor for Superior Spider-Man. Kraven gets Spidey out of the way and goes on to show what kind of Spider-Man he'd make and then Peter gets to clean up the mess, such as dealing with Vermin and explaining why it looks like Spidey murdered some people. Also, there's Peter dealing with exhaustion and claustrophobia for being buried alive for two weeks...

Kraven's Last Hunt actually holds up fairly well. The art is better than most of the art from the time period and the writing is actually some of the best Marvel had in the 1980's. Kraven has his finest hour and then Spider-Man has one of his. There are a couple moments in this storyline that remind me of Spider-Man lifting that giant hunk of machinery off of himself during the Ditko run. It shows what Spider-Man is all about.

There are some quintessential Spider-Man tales everyone Spider-Fan should read. This is one of them. Four out of five stars.