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The Amazing Spider-Man: Hooky

The Amazing Spider-Man: Hooky - Susan K. Putney, Bernie Wrightson After meeting a twelve year old girl that knows his secret identity, Spider-Man is whisked away to another dimension to help her fight the Tordenkakerlakk.

A twelve year old sorceress takes Spidey on an adventure across dimensions to face a shapeshifting horror. My first reaction was "What the fuck was that?" Mandi Spindrifter is a girl who delivered newspapers to the Parker house when Peter was a lad. She's perpetually twelve years old, a sorceress, and her archnemesis is the Tordenkakerlakk, although it seems that her true enemy is growing up. Spider-man is pretty much along for the ride.

However, as illogical as Spider-Man being in this story is, the visuals were pretty Amazing. Get it? Bernie Wrightson draws the shit out of this, making the other dimensional vistas pretty Spectacular and the transformations of the Tordenkakerlakk look like something out of HP Lovecraft by way of Tales from the Crypt.

So, yeah. This felt like a story someone wrote for Doctor Strange or Thor and then crossed out that name and wrote in Spider-Man. There are Spider-Man stories and stories that happen to have Spider-Man in them. This one was definitely of the second type. Two out of five stars, mostly for the artwork.