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Defenders by Matt Fraction - Volume 1

Defenders by Matt Fraction - Volume 1 - Victor IbaƱez, Mitch Breitweiser, Matt Fraction, Terry Dodson, Michael Lark 1 - The Breaker of Worlds has come to earth and Doctor Strange puts together a group to stop him: Namor, Red She-Hulk, The Silver Surfer, and Iron Fist!

This issue was mostly setup but I like where things are headed so far. This almost seems like a prototype for Fraction's FF. Wundagore Mountain is one of the under-used locations in the Marvel Universe so it's a refreshing setting to see.

2 - The Black Hulk, the Breaker of Worlds, is on his way to Wundagore Mountain. Can the Defenders escape from Prester John and stop him?

There are some good character moments in this. Namor and Red She-Hulk provide most of the laughs. I like Fraction's take on the Silver Surfer as well.

3 - Can the Defenders stop Prester John and the Breaker of Worlds?

"Namor, hold him!"
"I'm not trying to hold him. Trying to break his damn spine!"

So, the Black Hulk is no more and it seems something more sinister is in the works. The reality distortion wave putting Doctor Strange in his 1970s costume was a nice touch.

4 - As Doctor Strange looks for the origins of the engine the Defenders found at Wundagore Mountain, he accidentally brings an old girlfriend back to life. Meanwhile, a young wannabe conjurer thinks he has Strange where he wants him...

This issue was mostly setup for the big reveal on the last page. It also nicely illustrates why you don't mess with the Sorcerer Supreme.

5 - The Defenders visit an undersea tomb that may hold the origins of the Wundagore engine.

Cool how Fraction has woven Captain Nemo's history with Namor's parents into this one. I'm curious on how the whole omega thing plays out.

6 - The other Immortal Weapons are dying and Iron Fist seems to think the Omega Engine has something to do with it.

Wow, these engines have been around a long time. Fraction seems to be tying the Defenders into the Immortal Iron Fist, which I haven't read yet.

Closing Thoughts: I'm not sold on Matt Fraction's Defenders just yet. This volume was mostly setup. I'll revisit the series after I read The Immortal Iron Fist. Three out of five stars.