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Daredevil Volume 1: Devil at Bay

Daredevil Volume 1: Devil at Bay - Marvel Comics 1 - Daredevil adjusts to life in San Franciso and looks for a kidnapping victim.

Relocating Daredevil to San Francisco is a good justification for renumbering the series, I guess. Matt's law practice has new life with Kirsten McDuffie as his new partner. It'll be interesting to see Matt cope with fighting crime in a city that isn't all skyscrapers.

2 - While looking for the Owl, Daredevil meets San Francisco's other blind crimefighter, The shroud!

Huh. I read about The Shroud in Marvel Universe but this is the first comic I'd ever read featuring him. You'd think blind crimefighters would stick together. Chris Samnee's art gives this series a unique feel. Or almost unique. It reminds me of David Aja's work on Hawkeye a bit.

3 - After the standard hero vs. hero brawl, Daredevil and The Shroud join forces against the Owl...

Or do they? Mark Waid does a great job contrasting Daredevil and the Shroud. I'm curious about the Shroud's appearances before this one now. Damn Waid!

4 - Things go pear shaped as Daredevil and The Shroud face off with the Owl and his men.

The Shroud's motives become clear and it turns out he and Daredevil have a lot more in common than blindness. I love how Daredevil describes the Owl. "He is a walking sack of hate and gristle."

0.1 - On a flight from New York to San Francisco, the plane makes an emergency landing in Wisconsin and Matt decides to follow a mysterious passenger with no heartbeat.

I thought this one was a little predictable, although I did not foresee the ass-kicking the Mad Thinker took. Once again, Waid and Samnee do a great job depicting Matt's blindness.

5 - In order to be safe, Foggy Nelson needs to tie.

As Foggy's cancer progresses, Matt realizes he's put the lives of everyone he cares about in the crosshairs. Right before Leap Frog shows up. This was a surprisingly touching tale and explains Foggy being in disguise in Frisco.

Closing Thoughts: It's a little too early to say if moving Daredevil to San Francisco was a good idea or not. However, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee continue to put out a great super hero comic. Four out of five stars.