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Daredevil, Volume 7

Daredevil, Volume 7 - Jason Copland, Javier Rodriguez, Chris Samnee, Mark Waid 31 - After a controversial trial, someone hacks the live feed to start a riot and all signs point to The Jester!

Matt finds out it was Foggy's idea for Kirsten to take his place. Is it a sign of me getting older that I find the Matt Murdock parts of Mark Waid's run better than the super hero parts most of the time?

32 - The Jester and the Sons of the Serpent continue their reign of terror. Meanwhile, Daredevil enlists the help of Doctor Stephen Strange!

Daredevil goes to Kentucky to find Jack Russell at Strange's insistence and winds up meeting The Stitchwork Man, The Zombie, The Mummy, and Satanna. While I love how DD bounces from street crime to super hero shenanigans so effortlessly, I find it hard to believe he's never met Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night before.

33 - Daredevil gets more than he bargained for down south when he looks for pages from the Darkhold, the book the Sons of the Serpent worship.

Daredevil in a rural setting doesn't work all that well, although it nicely demonstrates how ineffective illusions are to a blind man.

34 - With the pages of the Darkhold in his clutches, Daredevil riles up the Sons of the Serpent and sets up a showdown...

Written by Mark Waid, Daredevil has testicles like a pair of wrecking balls. There were some scary moments in this one but it all worked out in the end. Until it didn't...

35 - The Sons of the Serpent are keeping Foggy Nelson alive and have Daredevil by the short and curlies. They want him to clear one of the Sons of the Serpent for a crime he didn't commit...

Daredevil is forced into action again, this time with Elektra by his side. As usual, the last panel was a great hook into the next issue. Mark Waid has a great talent to write Daredevil into situations where his lawyer instincts conflict with his super hero ones.

36 - Foggy is dying of cancer and Matt tells a full courtroom that he's Daredevil.

Things get settled in dramatic fashion. The Sons of the Serpent are out and Matt and Foggy are headed to San Franciso, just in time for a new Daredevil series to start.

Closing Thoughts: I fucking love Mark Waid on Daredevil. It's just a notch below Hawkeye as the best super hero comic of the last decade. 4.5 out of 5 stars.