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Daredevil, Volume 5

Daredevil, Volume 5 - Mark Waid, Chris Samnee 22 - The Superior Spider-Man shows up and starts some shit with Daredevil. However, they are interrupted when the recently upgraded Stilt-Man shows up!

We're treated to an old school super hero misunderstanding here, enhanced by the ridiculousness of Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man's body and Stilt-Man using Doc's technology to enhance his armor. The ending with Foggy is a chilling hint of things to come.

23 - AIM (I think) recreates the accident that created Daredevil and looses a gang of hypersensitives on New York. Meanwhile, Matt makes Foggy go to the doctor.

Daredevil battling some crazies with senses like his was an interesting encounter. I'm more interested in Foggy's cancer and whomever is masterminding the attacks on Matt, though.

24 - Matt tries to patch things up with Kirsten and someone sends a crate of hypersensitive dogs to Matt's office.

I haven't touched on the humor of the Mark Waid Daredevil run. They're actually pretty funny. One kid calls Daredevil "The Red Batman." It balances out the grimness of Foggy's cancer somewhat.

25 - An escapee from the project trying to recreate Daredevil takes Matt to a warehouse near the river...

Holy Shit! Daredevil goes up against his ninja doppleganger, Ikari, and has the fight of his life. I still have no idea who is pulling the strings and I hope Ikari sticks around for a while.

26 - While on the run from Ikari, Matt pieces together who is behind the constant shitstorm that has been raining down on him.

The penultimate issue of this arc really ratcheted things up several notches. The final issue is really going to be something. The backup story with Foggy and the kids in the cancer ward was a nice touch.

27 - Daredevil goes up against Ikari in a fight to the death with the mastermind watching. If Daredevil wins, his friends die!

That final battle was everything it needed to be plus some. I'm glad Ikari and Lady Bullseye are still alive. That Daredevil is a clever guy. Waid and Samnee make one hell of a team.

Closing Thoughts: Waid and Samnee are the team to beat on Daredevil. This volume was one hell of a ride. I wonder what the next chapter in Daredevil's life will bring. Four out of five stars.