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Daredevil, Volume 1

Daredevil, Volume 1 - Paolo Manuel Rivera, Marcos Martin, Mark Waid 1 - Daredevil prevents a hit at a mafia wedding and goes up against The Spot. Also, his identity being exposed is threatening his legal profession as Matt Murdock.

I haven't read a modern age Daredevil tale since Kevin Smith was writing it. So far, I'm digging Mark Waid's not-as-grim take on Daredevil since old Hornhead has been through the wringer pretty consistently since the Frank Miller run.

I like how Waid and company portray Matt's blindness and heightened senses.

2 - Daredevil has a brawl with Captain America and tries to get to the bottom of the Jobrani business.

Looks like Klaw is going to show up pretty soon unless there's a new sound-based villain with the same color scheme. Shouldn't super heroes take each other at their word when it comes to mind control by now?

3 - Turns out Klaw is behind Matt's most recent woes. How can a blind super-hero who relies on his hearing combat the man of solidified sound?

Waid's plot does a great job at showing how reliant Daredevil is on his remaining senses. The Klaw battle was excruciating to read. I'm also pleased to see the direction Matt and Foggy's law firm is going in.

4 - Matt takes on a wrongful termination case for a blind young man.

The final panel of this issue was pretty chilling. I like how Waid and company are going out of their way to show how hard it is to get around without sight, even with super powers.

5 - Turns out that blind kid overheard some Latverians talking about Hydra. Matt hides him and goes looking for his old boss.

Who the hell is Bruiser? This one started off strong and never let up. Daredevil's in way over his head.

6 - Daredevil has to go toe to toe with Bruiser and figure out what's got Mr. Zachary so scared.

Daredevil takes a shit-kicking and jumps from the frying pan into the fire when he winds up with the Omega Drive, gigs and gigs of data about Hydra, AIM, and all the other superterrorist groups in the Marvel Universe.

Closing Thoughts: Mark Waid and the gang have taken Daredevil from rock bottom to being super again. I love the new life they've injected into his character. I'm in for the long haul for Mark Waid on Daredevil. Four out of five stars.