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X-Factor: Madrox - Multiple Choice

X-Factor: Madrox - Multiple Choice - Peter David, Pablo Raimondi Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, has set up a detective agency. When one of his duplicates comes home dying, Madrox has the most important case of his life to solve...

Madrox is one of those secondary characters I've always found interesting. For years, people told me I'd dig this detective take on the man who could make duplicates of himself. They were right.

Multiple Choices is a noir tale of one man investigating his own murder. Sort of, anyway. Jamie, Strong Guy, and Wolfsbane, formerly of X-Factor, set up a detective agency and soon they have to find out who killed one of the Multiple Man's multiples.

This book is a murder mystery complicated by the fact that Madrox's duplicates all have different personalities. Couple that with Madrox sending his duplicates out for years at a time to learn new skills and suddenly the Multiple Man has leading man potential. The tale has enough twists and turns to keep it going. Madrox arguing with himself has a lot of psychological implications.

Peter David, unlike a lot of comic book writers who got their start in the 1980s, is still damn good today, the reason being that he has been able to change with the times. The old dog still has a lot of tricks left in him. 4 out of 5 stars. I guess I'll be reading his X-Factor run next.