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The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 4: Necessary Evil

The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 4: Necessary Evil - Giuseppe Camuncoli, Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman 17 - In 2099, time is coming unraveled and that time period's Spider-Man comes back to the present to fix things. Meanwhile, Horizon is taken over by Allan Chemicals, the precursor to the Alchemax of Spider-Man 2099's future. Also, stuff happens with Peter.

Slott's definitely a fan of the Spider-Man mythos since he digs up Spider-Man 2099 and Liz Allan here. It was a fairly packed issue.

18 - The present and future collide when Spider-Man 2099 meets The Superior Spider-Man!

Freeing himself from Peter Parker's memories continues to have repercussions as Spidey clashes with the future Spider-Man. Things get Timey-Wimey as future Spidey tries to prevent his timeline from being destroyed by protecting his obnoxious ancestor, Tiberius Stone. Also, things are heating up with the Goblin Nation.

19 - 2099 continues to unravel and the only thing that can stop it is an equation in Peter Parker's head. Too bad Otto purged those memories...

Things come to a thunderous conclusion. Horizon is gone and Alchemax is just beginning. And just where did the Superior Spider-Man go for nine hours after the explosion?

20 - Otto punches the Black Cat in the mouth and starts Parker Industries.

The highlight of the issue was Parker defending his thesis. This one was mostly setup for some big things. I think the Spider-Verse crossover is coming soon. I should research that.

21 - The Stunner comes gunning for the Superior Spider-Man. Little does she know that he's also her lover, Otto Octavius...

The Stunner nearly gets a couple members of the supporting cast killed but Spider-Otto saves the day. The Goblin situation also heats up.

Closing Thoughts: This volume was pretty good but not quite as good as the previous ones. Pull the trigger on the Green Goblin thing already! 3.5 out of 5 stars.