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Doctor Strange: Don't Pay The Ferryman (Doctor Strange (1974-1987))

Doctor Strange: Don't Pay The Ferryman (Doctor Strange (1974-1987)) - Roger Stern, Peter Gillis, Sal Buscema, Chris Warner, Mike Mignola Doctor Strange battles Mephisto in Hell with Reed and Sue Richards, setting the realm in torment. Strange also has to mend his shredded cloak of levitation and battle the Sorcerer Supreme of a neighboring dimension.

This volume was a disjointed collection of tales. Doctor Strange and the Richards family battle Mephisto for Franklin Richards' soul. Topaz emerges from hell with half a soul. Strange's doubts cost him the Cloak of Leviatation, making him seek out the original weaver. Strange gets impaled and uses Morgana Blessing's body while his lays dying. All of that and a lot more make for a diverse volume.

Overall, I was not wowed by this. A lot of stuff happened but most of it was forgettable, although I won't forget Strange being impaled by Urthona's minion's spear any time soon. The supporting cast is growing and now I'm left waiting for the next volume. The status quo was somewhat upset at teh end of this one and I'm curious what happens next, even if this volume didn't tickle my moons of Munnopor.

The art by Chris Warner was pretty good but I missed Paul Smith and Bret Blevins. For that matter, I also missed Roger Stern since he only wrote the first two issues of this.

After Into the Dark Dimensions, this volume had a lot to live up to and was not up to the challenge. 2.5 out of 5 stars.