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Captain America (1968-1996) #132

Captain America (1968-1996) #132 - Stan Lee, Gene Colan Reunited for the first time since World War II, evildoers everywhere face the might of Captain America and Bucky. But what is The Fearful Secret of Bucky Barnes?

Captain America #132 is the first comic book I remember buying based solely on the cover. Captain America on the ground with Bucky looming over him clutching a boulder, with MODOK looking on. I say "buying" but I'm pretty sure I got it free for spending $20 at Mile High Comics. Man, those days of waiting 6-8 weeks when you ordered something were murder, especially since 6-8 weeks passes like roughly thirty eight years when you're twelve.

I was going through my long boxes of back issues, gathering material to write about at Dantastic Comics when I unearthed this gem.

Anyway, the bliss of being reunited with Bucky is short-lived, for Bucky is a robot built by Doctor Doom at the behest of MODOK for the killing of Captain America. Fortunately for Cap, Doom built Bucky a little too well and the memories of the human Bucky overwhelm the android and he self-destructs rather than killing Cap.

The art by Gene Colan is pretty sweet and is above average for the 1970 publication date. The story is fairly simplistic, as was the style at the time, but I dug the robot Bucky being a little too much like the original. The cameos by Nick Fury, Sharon Carter, Dum Dum Dugan, and Falcon, in his shitty original costume, were fun.

Captain America #132 is a fun Silver Age story but isn't a milestone by any means. 3.5 out of 5 stars.