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Karnak #1

Karnak #1 - Warren Ellis, Gerardo Zaffino, David Aja Karnak has been my favorite member of the Inhumans since I first encountered him in an issue of Marvel Two-In-One. Since the Inhumans are the surrogate X-Men until Marvel gets the movie rights back, he's been awarded his own solo series after fifty years of existence.

Agent Coulson comes to Karnak's polar monastery to ask him to retrieve a human boy who has been exposed to Terrigen gas. Karnak ferrets out a HYDRA agent in SHIELD's midst and goes on the offensive.

The art is pretty good and well suited to Karnak's Zen/Kung Fu/Sherlock Holmes persona. It feels like Warren Ellis is going to have another interesting run to have on his resume. I say feels because this issue was all setup apart from Karnak taking down the HYDRA agent.

Honestly, this issue exemplifies while I wait for the trades for most modern comics. Everything is decompressed and written with being made into a trade paperback or hardcover in mind, making it 4 bucks a pop for not much happening in a lot of cases.

Anyway, I dug this issue overall. I will be waiting for the trade for the rest of it, however. 3.5 out of 5 stars.