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Daredevil (1963-1998) #43

Daredevil (1963-1998) #43 - Stan Lee, Gene Colan, Jack Kirby Fresh from a break-up with Karen Page, Daredevil swings around NYC in a foul mood. After some radium scrambles his brains, he picks a fight with... Captain America?

Back in my pre-pubescent days, I frequently bought comics mail order through Mile High Comics. This was one of the ones I bought based purely on the cover. Daredevil vs. Captain America, one of my favorites. Sold! It was the first Daredevil comic I ever bought after reading an issue of Marvel Team-Up where he teamed with Spidey.

The story was pretty simple. Radium turns Daredevil into a dickhead and he interrupts one of Captain America's fighting demonstrations. The fight rages all over the building like one of those falls count anywhere wrestling matches. Old Horn-head eventually comes to his senses and all is right with the universe.

Gene Colan drew the shit out of this! After experiencing this issue and [b:Captain America (1968-1996) #132|25782628|Captain America (1968-1996) #132|Stan Lee|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1435092839s/25782628.jpg|45632432] in rapid succession, I have a new found admiration for Gentleman Gene's art. The fight was pretty dynamic and I'll be digging up more Colan from my back issue bin at home. Four out of five stars, adjusted for the passage of time.