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Vision #1

Vision #1 - Tom   King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Mike del Mundo I've been interested in the Vision for a long time but have only read a handful of comics featuring him. I know he's an android created by Ultron and used to be married to the Scarlet Witch. Oh, and he was in the second Avengers movie.

Tom King's series has The Vision create a family for himself. His wife Virginia, and teen twins Vin and Viv live with The Vision in a Washington DC suburb and try to lead a normal life.

I didn't know what to think of this at first. Now I do. I fucking love it!

The Visions try to blend in with humans to learn about them. It was oddly amusing and somewhat sweet. That made the Grim Reaper showing up and scything the shit out of them much more shocking.

For a single issue of a modern comic, this one had a lot of great moments. Tom King has me hooked. I'll read The Vision as long as he writes it. Five out of five stars.