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The Bohemian Guide to Monogamy

The Bohemian Guide to Monogamy - Andrew Armacost The Bohemian Guide to Monogamy is a collection of short stories, linked together by the frame story of a writer typing away while ignoring his pregnant wife in a cafe. All the stories deal with lust being replaced with commitment in some way. Here are a couple.

Superman Finds His Smile: After Lois and Superman break up, Aquaman talks the man of steel into going to Thailand to forget his troubles. Will Superman be able to escape the web of sex and alcohol, with Chai Lai, a sexy waitress, at the center of the web?

When a story involves Superman and hookers, you know it's going to be hilarious. That's pretty much all I need to say.

Another Lame Hospital Drama from the 90's: Police Officer Brad Pitt's wife, Brittney, goes into labor and they rush to the hospital. Can Doctor Clooney and Nurse Leonardo DiCaprio deliver the baby and save Brittney's life after she experiences complications?

This tale was just as funny as the first, involving comically gruesome child birth and some uncomfortable moments between Clooney and DiCaprio.

Some of the other stories are hard to take. Some of them are nested within each other like Matryoshka doll. They were all fairly interesting, though I didn't care for portions that were written like plays, passed notes, or emails. Three out of five stars.