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Full Dark House: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery (Peculiar Crimes Unit Mysteries (Bantam Paperback)) - Christopher Fowler Arthur Bryant and John May are parters in the PCU and have been for over sixty years. That's Peculiar Crimes Division. At least they were, until a bomb goes off and ends their partnership. While May copes with his loss and tries to piece together what happened to Arthur, he thinks about their first case and how the two events may be related.

I never thought I'd enjoy a book about the partnership of two crotchedy British detectives so much. The primary setting, a old theatre during the WWII bombing of London, was well done. Bryant and May are contrasting characters ala Mulder and Scully of the X-Files, except British and both male. Bryant tends to go off on tangents and the straight-laced May has to reign him in. The supporting PCU members are also well done. Forthright and Biddle are good characters in their own right.

While the present day case was solveable, the WWII one wasn't, although I can't complain. The lead up to the reveal was strewn with red herrings.

If you like crime stories and your sense of humor tingles with delight at the thought of two eighty year old men discussing their sex drives on page 10, give this one a chance. You could do a lot worse.