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Hunt at the Well of Eternity - Gabriel Hunt, James Reasoner What do a missing Confederate regiment, a lost Mayan city, and the fountain of youth have in common? They're all parts of the plot of Hunt at the Well of Eternity!

Gabriel Hunt is a globetrotting adventurer in the mold of Doc Savage and Indiana Jones. His brother Michael is head of the Hunt Foundation, an organization that has connections to museums all over the world.

The story starts with Gabriel and Michael at a banquet and the action starts right away when a woman tries to give a package to Michael, only to have the waiters turn out to be gun-toting thugs. Once the bad guys snatch the girl, the Hunts discover that the package is an old Confederate flag wrapped around a whiskey bottle full of water. From there, it's a trip to Florida, Mexico, and finally the jungles of Guatemala, all with non-stop action! You can easily imagine the goings-on accompanied by a John Williams soundtrack.

The writing is nothing to write home about. It's not bad but not fantastic. The story is good, jam-packed with action. There are some nods to Indiana Jones. Hunt goes from one predicament to the next fairly quickly. It's a good read for a dismal Sunday afternoon.

I'd recommend his to any Indiana Jones or Doc Savage fan, or any fan of pulp adventure stories in general. If you were disappointed with the last Indiana Jones movie, this should get that bad taste out of your mouth.