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Blandings Castle - P.G. Wodehouse The Custody of the Pumpkin: It seems Lord Emsworth was a pumpkin enthusiast before he acquired his pig fixation. He fires the groundskeeper because Freddie Threepwood's in love with a cousin of his. Soon Emsworth fears for his pumpkin's health and goes to London to re-hire McAllister. Hilarity ensues. The Earl is in all his absent-minded glory in this one. "Have that cats gotten at it?"

Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best: Freddie and his wife have a spat and Freddie ends up back in London. The ninth Earl initiall decides not to intervene but does so when it dawns on him that Freddie intends to return to Blandings if his marriage fails. Couple this with a Jeeves-eque side plot where Beach is thinking about quitting because Emsworth grew a beard and there you have it.

Pig Hoo-o-o-o-ey: The Empress of Blandings quits eating after her trainer ends up in the jug. Angela, Emsworth's niece, breaks off her engagement to cavort with Jimmy Belford. Jimmy's what brings the plots together. It seems he worked for two years on a farm...

Company for Gertrude: Gertrude, yet another niece, is staying at Blandngs because her mother doesn't want her marrying Beefy Bingham, a friend of Freddie's. Freddie gives Beefy the idea to go to Blandings under another name and ingratiate himself to the ninth Earl so Gertrude's mother will have to give consent, thus continuing the tradition of an imposter in Blandings.

The Go-Getter: Beefy and Gertrude are on the rocks. Gertrude's mooning over Orlo Watkin, a tenor. Freddie's trying to get them back together while also trying to sell Donaldson's Dog-Joy. Freddie's pretty Wooster-ish in this one.

Lord Emsworth and the Girlfriend: Emsworth in a foul mood over August Bank Holiday and meets a little girl that is a kindred spirit.

Mr. Potter Takes a Rest Cure: Bobbie Wickham faces an unwanted engagement to Clifford Gandle until she manages to convince Gandle and J.H. Potter that one another are crazy. Classic Wodehouse.

Monkey Business: Montrose Mulliner's fiancee has him cowed and ditches him for a big game hunter until an ape goes on the rampage.