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The Osiris Ritual - George Mann Soon after Sir Maurice Newbury attends a mummy unwrapping, people connected to the expedition that recovered it turn up dead. Meanwhile, Veronica Hobbes is investigating the disappearances of young girls that seem to be connected to a traveling magician. How do their investiations intersect? What does it have to do with the mysterious agent who was supposed to meet Newbury at the train station? And who is behind the Osiris Ritual?

The Osiris Ritual is the second Newbury & Hobbes Investigation book and is a vast improvement on the first. The villains are more vile, the action more furious, and Newbury sinks further into the depths of opium addiction while Hobbes debates telling him the secret we all learned at the end of The Affinity Bridge, the previous volume. Knox and Ashford were both interesting characters. Knox had more dimension than most villains. The story itself had a lot of twists. I was sure I knew who the killer was until about two-thirds of the way through.

Any gripes? Yeah. Once again, Newbury seems a little obtuse for a Holmes-level detective. This time, it's the young reporter Purefoy that feeds him the necessary hints.

All in all, this was a good steampunk thriller and an improvement on the Affinity Bridge. I'll definitely be picking up the next Newbury & Hobbes adventure.