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Lord Emsworth's Annotated Whiffle: The Care of the Pig by Augustus Whiffle - James Hogg Whiffle: The Care of the Pig is a prop in several of P.G. Wodehouse's Blandings Castle books so naturally I snatched it up. Instead of the 700+ page tome of legend, this one is a mere 128 pages. It's a mildly amusing book about pigs, pigkeeping, raising pigs, and other porcine pursuits. The main attraction are the handwritten notes in the margins of many of he pages, purported to be those of Lord Emsworth. Seeing as how the Earl was rather dotty, many of the footnotes are worth a chuckle.

I'd recommend this to Wodehouse and pig enthusiasts. It's not hilarious but is worth a gander in your spare time.