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Terry Funk: More than Just Hardcore - Terry Funk, Scott A. Williams, Mick Foley Back when I was a wrestling fan, up until about 2003 or so, I had two favorite wrestling books. This is one of them.

Terry Funk hit 68 not too long ago and still wrestles. This book goes from his beginnings in the Amarillo Territory, to his days as NWA champion, to his career with All Japan Pro Wrestling, though his many retirements, to his tenure in ECW and to the present day.

Funk reminds me of the old gunfighter in the song Desperado. He just doesn't know when to hang it up and likes talking about past glories. The things this guy continues to do to put food on the table are mind boggling. A 60 year old man shouldn't be in barbed wire matches for God's sake!

The best part of this book by far is the road stories. Funk talks about drinking beer by the case with his friends and shooting rabbits from a moving vehicle. Hilarious if not somewhat disturbing.

Later edit:
A few days ago, I read that Terry Funk is wrestling Mexican wrestling legend Mil Mascaras a couple hours away from my house. Since they're both wrestling legends, I may have to go despite their combined age being close to 150.