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The Mourner  - Richard Stark, John Banville Parker gets blackmailed by Bett Harrow, his "love" interest from previous book, The Outfit, to steal a statue called the Mourner for her father. Parker and Handy run afoul of another group planning on robbing the same man. People are killed and Parker makes an alliance with Menlo, a Russian charged with getting back $100,000 the man was skimming off the top. Only things don't go as planned...

As usual, Parker (and Richard Stark, for that matter) delivers the goods. As in all Parker tales, the beauty lies in the planning of the caper and the inevitable double cross. Menlo made a good foil for Parker since he and Parker are almost complete opposites.

The Parker books never disappoint and I highly recommend them to crime fiction fans. Even though you know Parker will survive to appear in subsequent books, it's still one hell of a ride.