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Quarry - Max Allan Collins Quarry is hired to kill Albert Leroy, a virtual nobody. The job comes off without a hitch but when Quarry gets back to the apartment he'd been using as a lookout, his partner is dead and the money is gone. Quarry needs to know who hired them for the hit and the Broker is suspiciously uncooperative. Can Quarry find his partner's killer and get his money?

The three Quarry books published by Hard Case Crime were entertaining and so was this one. Quarry's a shit but you still end up rooting for him. Like the other Quarry books, the suspense mounts until the orgy of violence at the end. After years of wondering about The Broker, now I know.

As fun as it was to read, there were some holes if you look too close. Quarry goes about doing his detective work with the subtlety of a bull elephant and never once even comes near the law. He also gives out his name on a couple occasions. I noticed four or five typos but nothing to get into a snarl about.

Quarry's a fun read and these Perfect Crime editions look pretty nice on the old bookcase. For Quarry fans, it's a must read despite the rough edges.