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Giantslayer - Wililam King Felix and Gotrek, along with the elven wizard Teclis, find themselves in Albion. Can they close the Twisted Paths and save Ulthaun, the island home of the elves?

Giantslayer is the last of William King's Felix and Gotrek books and likely the last of the saga I'll be reading. I've come far with F&G but it's probably best to say goodbye. Not only because I'm not very eager to see how another author handles them, but also because I'm not as enamored with them as I once was.

Giantslayer is yet another gore-splattered tale of Felix and Gotrek. While that's the attraction, it's also the curse. After six other books, I have no doubt that Gotrek will end up slaying the giant of the title.

Not that Giantslayer isn't enjoyable. Teclis was like Elric-lite, Albion and the Twisted Paths were both great settings. Gotrek was as bad ass as ever. The insight into the elves of the Warhammer world was really cool. Felix, on the other hand, was quite the smarmy whiny bastard in this one. It felt like King was even more weary of the duo than I was by the end.

Giantslayer is worth the few hours it took to read and quite amusing. Just don't expect it to stack up to earlier entries in the series. Although it did have Gotrek ripping the eye out of a giant's head and hang from it like a pendulum as it dangled from the empty socket by its optic nerve...