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Thunderpussy - David W. Barbee When a sumo crime boss named Oberon Tubbs begins buying up a Jamaican powder called Z8, Agent 00X is assigned to uncover the reason why. Can he keep his giant sized manhood in check long enough to do it?

In A Town Called Suckhole, David Barbee satirized redneck culture. This time, James Bond is his target.
Oberon's nefarious scheme is something out of a James Bond movie if James Bond movies featured cyberpunky stuff and zombies. Agent 00X is like James Bond times ten, especially when it comes to the ladies, with the added bonus of having one of the word's greatest mustaches.

Just as in A Town Called Suckhole, the hilarious bits come at you straight out of the gate. Dr. Strangelove robots? Kung fu Rastas? Petite LaVulva? Psyche Delia? Here's one of my favorite quotes from the book:
00X had to follow, but he could only choose oneā€”the
Z8 powder or the mystery woman.
He chose the one he could have sex with.

Tubb's scheme was both an homage to every Bond villain's scheme and a topper to all of them. Thunderpussy should appeal to fans of James Bond, Archer, Austin Powers, and people who are generally predisposed toward reading crazy hilarious books.

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