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Looking For Rachel Wallace - Robert B. Parker When a feminist lesbian author gets death threats, Spenser is hired to protect her. After he is dismissed, Rachel Wallace is kidnapped. Can Spenser bring her back alive?

It's been a couple years since I've read a Spenser book. I spent a lot of time looking for Looking for Rachel Wallace at used bookstores before I gave up and moved on to easier prey. Over the weekend, I was working on my girlfriend's door when my dremmel went dead. While waiting for my dremmel to charge, I ran to the used bookstore to find something to read. Imagine my delight when I found Looking for Rachel Wallace for the modest sum of $1.95.

Confession time: Spenser has never been one of my favorite series detectives. I get tired of all the talk about his moral code and even more tired of his relationship with Susan Silverman. Given the choice, I'd rather read one of Robert Crais's Elvis Cole books. However, I still catch myself being entertained by Spenser and this book was no exception.

For a paperback original from 1980, Looking for Rachel Wallace is surprisingly deep. Spenser and company talking about homosexuality, feminism, hate crimes, and Spenser's possibly archaic methods of problem solving. Rachel Wallace was pretty abrasive at times and Spenser's hunt for her nicely contrasted the two characters. Spenser tough-guyed and wisecracked his way to finding her, as he always does.

But it wasn't all kittens and puppies for me. For one thing, Susan Silverman was in it a little too much. For another, much bigger thing, there was no Hawk!

It's a pretty slim book so I don't have a lot else to say. Three stars, leaning toward four.