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Gravity: Big-City Super Hero - Sean McKeever, Mike Norton Greg Willis comes to NYC from Wisconsin for two reasons: to go to NYU and o make it as a big city superhero, Gravity. Can Gravity stop the Black Death and finish the semester with his life and his girlfriend intact?

Gravity is a throwback to the superheroes of the silver age but with modern age art. Much like Spider-Man, Gravity struggles to keep his personal life together and be taken seriously as a superhero at the same time. In the process, he teams with the Greenwich Guardian and goes up against Rhino and the man who will be his arch-nemesis, the Black Death.

Really, that's all I have to say. It's not overly complex and seems to be written with a younger audience in mind than most comics these days. Gravity is an interesting character but I've already read this story when it was early issues of Spider-Man. Still, it's a fun book and I'd like to see more Gravity in the future.