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Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Wise Up!: An Elevating Collection of Quick Facts and Incredible Curiosities - Bathroom Readers' Institute For years, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader has been a tome of seldom heard facts and trivia. While the articles range size from one to ten pages, the best parts are normally the one line facts in the footers of each page. Some wished the entire book was of said one-liners. Until now...

Wise Up! is a collection of those one line facts. For instance, did you know W.C. Fields was the first choic to play the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz? Or that the US divorce rate has dropped every year since 1979? Or that the last astronaut to walk on the moon was Eugene Cernan in 1972?

Ever needed some reading material on those days after long nights of drinking beer and eating diner food? This is just what you need for those days where you can't seem to stay out of the bathroom.

And the Bathroom Reader series isn't just for the bathroom. Its knowledge is so portable that it can be read not only in any room in the house, but by passengers on long car rides!

If obscure bits of knowledge entertain you, look no further than the various volumes of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader!