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The Monkey's Raincoat  - Robert Crais Mort Lang runs off with his son, leaving his wife and daughters in the lurch. Elvis Cole is tapped to find him and promptly ends up in the middle of a plot involving two kilos of cocaine. Can Elvis find the drugs and find Mort and his son?

I have to admit that I wasn't sold on Elvis Cole at the beginning. He felt like a Spenser ripoff with some quirks thrown in for no reason. A wiseass detective that does yoga and is into Disney junk? Then Crais grabbed me and dragged me to the end of the winding tale, showing he knows how to craft a good detective yarn. It wasn't the most original story but it kept me entertained. Cole has some Travis McGee in his parentage as well as Spenser. By the end, I was ready for more Elvis Cole and Joe Pike.

So why only a 3? Some of it was a little dated and Ellen Lang was so helpless for most of the book that it was hard for me to get invested in her part of the story.

To sum it up, I'm looking forward to reading more about Cole and Pike.