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Not George Washington - P.G. Wodehouse, Herbert Westbrook James Orlebar Cloyster goes to London to make his fortune so he can marry his lady, Margaret Goodwin. Unfortunately, success eludes him until he stumbles upon a scheme...

Not George Washington isn't like most Wodehouse stories. It's much more serious. Cloyster is no likeable Bertie Wooster, that's for sure. He lies to extend an engagement, has multiple people pose as his various pseudnyms to hide from his fiancee how much he's making, and does various other dodgy things. The closest thing to Bertie Wooster in the book is Sidney Price, one of Cloyster's friends. The humorous parts are much farther between than they normally occur in a Wodehouse story.

Still, Not George Washington shows Wodehouse's skill as a writer. He uses multiple viewpoints and the tale is almost as serpentine as his later works. It all works out in the end but it's not as fun getting there as in his other books. It hurts me to give a Wodehouse less than a three but I'm afraid I can only give this one a 2.5.