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Captain America: The Death Of Captain America, Vol. 2: The Burden of Dreams - Ed Brubaker, Butch Guice, Steve Epting, Mike Perkins Dr. Faustus tries to break Bucky and return him to his role of Winter Soldier but Bucky escapes with the "help" of Agent 13 and is taken into SHIELD custody by the Black Widow. Bucky and Iron Man finally butt heads and Bucky takes up the mantle of Captain America. But can he measure up?

In the second Death of Captain America volume, Bucky steps up and tries to fill Captain America's shoes. While he didn't roll over the bad guys, he did pretty well for himself in his first outing, all things considered. Shooting bad guys in the leg and stabbing Crossbones was a nice touch. I like that Bucky realizes he's not Steve Rogers and fights a little dirtier than Cap ordinarily would.

Brubaker sows seeds for countless future stories in this volume. Sharon Carter pregnant with Cap's child? Steve Rogers floating in a tank in the Red Skull's headquarters? Romantic feelings between Bucky and the Black Widow?

There's not a whole lot else to tell. I'm rating this volume a little lower than the second one since it felt more like setup than anything else. While I know Steve Rogers is already back in the costume in comics currently being published, I'm still looking forward to reading about his former sidekick trying to fill his shoes.