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Blood of Amber - Roger Zelazny Picking up where Trumps of Doom left off, Merle continues trying to figure out who's trying to kill him. Along the way, he discovers more about his friend Luke Raynard, saves the family from being killed at the funeral of one of their own, learns of previously unknown members of the royal family, and discovers he has an ally of sorts that can switch bodies. But can he figure out how these clues fit together before he is killed and Amber is destroyed...

Blood of Amber has more than its share of twists. I had an idea who Luke was but I was a little off. Dalt's identity was much more of a surprise. I'm still not sure who the body-swapper really is or what he/she has in store for Merle. I have a feeling Merle will meet up with Corwin before the series is over.

On to the next volume!