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A Dark Traveling - Roger Zelazny A Dark Traveling was very interesting. I wish Zelazny would have written a sequel or three.

Jim is a fourteen year old werewolf. His sister is a witch and they live with their father Tom and an exchange student named Barry. Tom works for some kind of parallel universe monitoring agency. At the beginning of the book, Tom goes missing, and the equipment he uses to monitor and travel to other dimensions is damaged. Jim, Becky, and Barry spend the rest of the book trying to find him and in the process learn some things about the fate of Jim's missing mother.

Zelazny is always a treat when you're looking for a short read. A Dark Traveling is a good example of this. I think it took about two hours to read. Although there wasn't a whole lot of action, Zelazny kept me interested with the plot development and details about the world. I like that the parallel worlds were divided into lightbands, deadbands, and darkbands, aka good, lifeless, and evil. The cosmology reminded me of Neil Gaiman's Interworld. Gaiman's a Zelazny fan so that's not surprising.

I'd recommend this to Zelazny fans and fans of parallel universe type stuff.