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Batman and Robin, Vol. 2: Batman vs. Robin - Grant Morrison, Cameron Stewart, Andy Clarke, Scott Hanna, Dustin Nguyen Batman takes Bruce Wayne's corpse to a Lazarus pit. Damian returns and he and Batman investigate clues to Bruce Wayne's whereabouts. But who is Oberon Sexton and why is Damian acting so strangely?

Dick Grayson's run as Batman continues. He and Damian seem less like chumps in this one but Bruce Wayne, even "dead," still has them playing second fiddle.

The stories are pretty good. The Domino Killer case continues, Talia Al Ghul gets some screen time, and an old enemy of Dick's has a fairly prominent role. Still, it feels like it's mostly setting the stage for Bruce Wayne's inevitable return more than anything else.

It still has its moments, though, like the revelation of Oberon Sexton's identity and Damian's body getting usurped. It could have used a consistent artist, though. I'm not a huge fan of Frank Quitly but his art gave the first one a unified feel. This one feels really disjointed by comparison.

Three stars but definitely on the low end of the threes.