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Manhunter, Vol. 1: Street Justice - Marc Andreyko, Jesus Saiz, Jimmy Palmiotti Prosecutor Kate Spencer gets fed up with super criminals and takes the law into her own hands as... The Manhunter!

I'd been hearing about this series for half a decade before I finally plunked down some coin and picked it up. Did it live up to the hype?

Sort of. Regular people taking the law into their own hands is nothing new in comics. What is new is Kate Spencer. She's not hot. She smokes. She's divorced with a young son. Her ex-husband is a douche. Intrigued yet? What if I told you Kate took some super powered goodies from the evidence locker, like a Darkstar uniform, to help her fight crime? Yeah, I was interested too...

In this volume, Kate goes about the ropes, learning to be a super hero, with Copperhead and Shadowthief as her primary villains. She does a good job too, all things considered.

Other than Kate's ass-kicking character, the things I liked most about this book were her interactions with the rest of the DC universe, namely Batman and the Justice League. Seeing her gay assistant hit on Hawkman was possibly my favorite non-violent part of the book.

After reading this, I can see how Manhunter became a cult hit in its initial run. It's not like the other comics on the rack, it's very well written, and has a lot of unconventional things going on, especially for a super hero comic. Four stars!