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Unchained And Unhinged - Joe R. Lansdale, Glenn Chadbourne Unchained and Unhinged is a collection of Joe R. Lansdale writings. Half of the book contains columns or essays he wrote and introductions for a couple books. The rest of the book is full of really short short stories.

The essays are pretty good. Two about Robert Howard, one about writing, a rant about typewriters, the intro to a Henry Kuttner book, and a couple pages about Les Whitten, an obscure horror and suspense writer. They were all interesting and told in the Lansdale front porch bull-shitting session style.

The short stories were entertaining as hell. There's one about a world where everything is on camera, one about a ratty old coat, a story about the preparation of dragon chili, the story of a man who takes a pill that makes him grow uncontrollably, a suicide gone wrong, and a few others, but the best two are these:

Jack's Pecker:
Upon waking after a drunken tryst, Jack wakes up to find his genitals missing. They've abandoned him to go see the world. Hilarity ensues.

Rainy Night:
A loser is approached in a diner to kill a stranger's wife. Only wifey has other ideas...

Unchained and Unhinged, while slim and on the pricey side, is a welcome addition to any Lansdale fan's bookshelf, with the caveat that half of it is nonfiction.