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The Lake of Fire - Robin Wayne Bailey In The Lake of Fire, the fourth volume of Philip Jose Farmer's The Dungeon, Clive Folliot and gang, with brother Neville in tow, cross a landscape out of Dante's Inferno, with none other than Baron Samedi as their guide. Who will they find once they reach their destination, Castle of the Morning Star and what truths will be revealed about The Dungeon?

This volume kicks into high gear. The revelation that many of the Dungeon's denizens are clones explains a lot. The lord of Morning-Star was somewhat surprising and well done. Hints that the Dungeon is somehow linked to the Folliot family were tantalizing. Hopefully they'll be explored in the final two books.

Robin Wayne Bailey's writing is passable but not spectacular. Shriek and User Annie continue to morph but I'm chalking that up to multiple writers working on different books in the same series at the same time.

If you've stuck around the Dungeon this long, I can't imagine not reading this one.