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The Judas Pair - Jonathan Gash Lovejoy, an antique dealer of dubious moral fiber, is hired by an aspiring collector to track down The Judas Pair, a masterwork set of duelling pistols that his brother was killed for. But the Judas Pair are only a legend, right? Lovejoy's trail of the non-existent weapons leads him through a web of crooked dealers and gun enthusiasts. Only one of them wants the Judas Pair and will pay any price to get them...

I love a good scoundrel and Lovejoy is definitely that. He's a coward, a mysogynist, and an arrogant ass, but knows his antiques, making him a great protagonist. The mystery of the Judas Pair is well done and the ending is superb. I was expecting something akin to a cozy British mystery and got much much more.