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The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 2: Dallas - Neil Gaiman, Gerard Way, Gabriel Bá In this, the second Umbrella Academy collection, Spaceman has eaten himself into obesity, Kraken has gotten a bit more obsessive, White Violin is in the hospital and paralzyed since the previous volume, and Number Five, after some shenanigans at the dog track, goes back in time to prevent himself from preventing the Kennedy assassination...

The Umbrella Academy is a fun read, like Tim Burton doing the X-Men. Where else would you see a character travelling back in time to prevent his older self from protecting Kennedy? There are laughs but also thought provoking moments. The Umbrella Academy is a slightly more sophisticated rendition of the X-Men. Picture the X-Men being three times as dysfunctional and wearing domino masks and British schoolboy outfits and there you go.

I recommend The Umbrella Academy: Dallas to fans of the X-Men, X-Files, and things that don't begin with the letter X, such as Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol run.