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Bury Me Deep - Megan Abbott Marion Seeley is left in Phoenix by her doctor husband as he goes to Mexico to kick his smack habit. Marion gets a job at a hospital and falls in with two other nurses, Ginny and Louise, and soon falls under the spell of a friend of theirs, Joe Lanigan. But Joe's intentions are anything but honorable.

First of all, I love Megan Abbott's writing. She's like James Ellroy only not so exhausting, and her noir books could easily be made into 1930's era films. However...

... I've read three of her books and Bury Me Deep was easily the least enjoyable. It's only 225 pages but not a lot happens until the last 70-80. Sure, things really break loose after that but until then, the book moves about as quickly as a snail under the influence of Nyquil.

That being said, it's not a bad book. Megan Abbott's writing shines and the relationship between Lanigan and Mrs. Seeley was pretty well done. I was as taken in by Lanigan's sob story as Marion was. When things started coming unglued, I couldn't put it down. Too bad the rest of the book was so well-glued.

Seriously, if the rest of the book had been as good as the last 70-80 pages, this would be nearing five territory. Like I said before, the glacial pace really wrecked things for me. Marion wasn't all that interesting either, for that matter.

In conclusion, it's not a bad book but it's definitely not Abbott's best. It's a solid 3 though.