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The White Wolf's Son: The Albino Underground - Michael Moorcock During a strange earthquake, Oonaugh von Bek falls down a chasm into the subterranean world of Off-Moo. Pursuing her are Gaynor the Damned and Klosterheim, bent on capturing her and draining her blood, along with that of Onric, the son of Elric and the Dreamthief. Meanwhile, Elric, aka Monsieur Zodiac, searches for Oonagh, as do a group called the League of Temporal Adventurers, as well as Oonagh's grandmother, Oona. Can Elric save Oonagh before the cosmic balance is destroyed?

The White Wolf's Son is a satisfying conclusion to the Eternal Champion saga, at least until Moorcock writes another one. The whole story takes place during a dreamquest Elric undergoes to summon Stormbringer while hanging crucified from the mast of the Theocrat's ship about halfway through Stormbringer.

By focusing on Oonaugh and Onric, Moorcock gives us a fresh look at the Elric Saga. Oonaugh's an interesting addtion to the Elric mythos, as is young Onric. A lot of the tale had an Indiana Jones feel, what with the underground cities and Nazis. Once again, Middle March proved to be an interesting setting.

Klosterheim and Gaynor are utter bastards, as are the men of Granbreton. I always thought Hawkmoon's reality had a lot of untapped potential. Now I can consider it well-tapped.

The White Wolf's Son is a good read for any Moorcock fan but it's not one of his best, and it's pretty tied to the previous two books, The Dreamthief's Daughter and The Skrayling Tree. Still, a good read for when you're craving Moorcock. Wink.