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Wolf in Shadow - David Gemmell I picked up The Jerusalem Man (aka Wolf in Shadow) because it was on one of those Amazon lists along with Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I was not disappointed.

The title character is Jon Shannow, an Old Testament quoting gunfighter in a post-apocalypitic wasteland searching for Jerusalem, believing it to be paradise. Shannow's a wanderer, gunning down people who have it coming, never settling in one place. Never until he encounters widow Donna Taybard and her son, that is. Shannow saves Taybard's town from a bullying ruler and leaves town with them. Sadly, this paradise isn't meant to be. I won't give too much away but there are cannibals, an army of Satan-worshipping fantatics called The Hellborn, and the Guardians, nigh-immortal beings with psychic powers and forgotten technology.

Gemmell's writing is good. He's less wordy than King so I imagine the next two books in the Jerusalem Man saga are going to go by way too quickly. I caught a couple editting mishaps. Zohak, the renegade Hellborn, is called Batik on two occasions but that might be corrected in later editions. Outside of both being post-apocalyptic westerns, the similarities to the Dark Tower are few although I can't help but wonder if Gemmell read the Gunslinger before he started writing this saga.