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Spree (Nolan, Book 7) - Max Allan Collins Nolan had finally gone legit and was managing a successful club when Cole Comfort kidnapped his girlfriend in order to force Nolan to plan one last job. Can Nolan pull off the job or does Comfort have other ideas...

I've got mixed feelings about this one. On one hand, the story is pretty good. Nolan and Jon are forced back into pulling a job. It takes awhile but the action is pretty intense once it finally starts. The planned heist is slightly far-fetched but still fairly good. There's a bit of smut as well, not unusual for a Collins book. The villains are pretty vile, much more so than Nolan, although Lyle is a sympathetic character.

On the other hand, Jon and Nolan kept doing stupid things that seemed out of character. Does it make sense to sleep with a girl you know is the daughter of the man you're supposed to be watching for while you're staking out his hotel? And Nolan just lets things happen and doesn't do much to track Sherry down. I feel like Collins had a plot and shoe-horned Nolan and Jon into it without regard to how stupid they'd have to act.

I liked Spree but it wasn't without its flaws. Still, it's a quick read and pretty exciting. Get it if you can find it affordably priced.