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American Vampire Vol. 3 - Scott Snyder In the third American Vampire volume, the vampires enter World War II as Henry goes to Taipan and encounters a Japanese breed of vampire and Cash and Book go to Germany to find a cure for vampirism and instead encounter a brigade of Nazi vampires.

American Vampire 3 is more of the same greatness that I've come to expect from the American Vampire series. In the first story, Henry and company go to a Japanese island and go up against a breed of Japanese vampire with Skinner Sweet in their midst and it's up to Pearl to save her man. It's a great story and Snyder fleshes out his vampire mythology even more. Not only that, it plants the seeds for later stories. Snyder seems to be committed to American Vampire for the long haul, judging by the seeds sown.

The second story brings back the characters of Book and Cash from Volume 2 and sends them off to Germany. The brigade of vampire nazis reminded me of Robert McCammon's Wolf's Hour for some reason, probably the combination of World War II and supernatural creatures. I love that Snyder introduced yet another breed of vampire in this tale, possibly the progenitors of the species. It tied up some loose ends and also planted seeds for future tales, something that Snyder is proving adept at. He never closes a door without first opening a window.

American Vampire has proven itself to be one of the best comics going today and this volume is no exception. If you like your vampires brutal and bloody and not sparkly whiners, this is the series for you!